Take Our French Quiz

Back-to-school is right around the corner. Here’s a little test to see how well you remember French.

Directions: Match a numbered word in the French column with a lettered word in the English column (Don’t peek! The answers are below.)

1 bonbon a pastry
2 caramel b sugar
3 sucre c candied
4 pâtisserie d helpful
5 boulangerie e candy
6 confit f friendly
7 sirop g French
8 agréable h caramel
9 serviable i syrup
10 Francais j bakery




Answer Key:

1. e

2. h

3. b

4. a

5. j

6. c

7. i

8. f

9. d

10. g

How did you do? Reply in the comments to let us know if you are ready to begin the new school year!


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